I’m Katrina, the creator behind globe ventures, your one stop shop for all things relating to Quebec travel. I’m an introvert by nature, I drink too much coffee, I could spend the day watching horror movies, and I’m also an adventure lover. I’ve called Quebec, more specifically the Eastern Townships, my home for the last 25 years, and I created this blog with the intentions of showcasing my adventures exploring my backyard and of course, to inspire you to visit our gorgeous corner of the planet. I hope you will find something helpful and inspiring through my posts dedicated to showing off the best that this province has to offer and that you’ll enjoy discovering all of the picturesque villages, stunning mountain tops and secluded forest cabins, waiting to be explored.

If you really want to be nosey or you’re just curious, I also had fun putting together a little list of random facts about myself, that I thought would be fun to share and I always love reading these when other people make them.

1- I have 8 tattoos, including a globe tattoo that is the start of a travel themed sleeve. Others include a tattoo in honor of one of my favorite bands and a matching flower tattoo that I have with my sister.

2 – To go in hand with that last fact, I am the oldest of three siblings. I also have a younger brother.

3 – I love all things Halloween and horror movie related. My favorites among many include, the Saw franchise, Coraline, and Trick r Treat.

4 – I currently work an 8-5 job in finance, which is quite comical considering that math has always been my worst subject.

5- I’m obsessed with hiking and I’m always on the hunt for new trails to conquer and new mountains to climb

6 – I am a cat mom to two babies, Shadow and Pumpkin.

7 – I prefer winter over summer, simply because I hate being hot and sweaty and because snow is gorgeous.

8 – I can speak fluently in both French and English. My mom’s side of the family is mainly English, while my dad’s side of the family is exclusively French.

9 – I am engaged to my high school sweetheart, Jeamy. We have been together for almost 11 years now.

10 – I love going to concerts, more specifically rock/metal shows. I’ve been to dozens of shows over the years, and because of this the majority of my closet consists of band t-shirts.


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