If there’s anything I love in life, it’s escaping to the middle of the woods and hunkering down in an adorable log cabin for the weekend. I love being out in nature and hearing the forest slowly waking up for the day, or cozying up to a warm fire with a book while taking in the sights. Having moved to an apartment in a busier town a few years ago, I noticed that my need to explore more hidden cabins and accommodations in Quebec, intensified. I spent more time than ever before researching rustic log cabins and overall unique places to stay in my area, forever adding more and more places to my travel bucket list. Fast forward to a few weekends ago, I got the chance to spend a relaxing and well needed weekend away at the Diable Vert resort in the adorable village of Sutton. While the original plan was to spend the night in one of their treehouses, we ended up opting for a stay in a rustic cabin instead because of availability and it ended up being one of the best decisions we could’ve made. Keep on reading to discover more of this rustic yet charming cabin.

Located in the heart of the Eastern Townships, close to the US border and only about 1 hour and a half outside of Montreal, Au Diable Vert is home to many unique places to rest your head, ranging from airstreams in the woods to treehouses perched above in the maple trees, overlooking the valley below. They also have a few rustic cabins, which are perfect for those looking to connect with nature and be as immersed into the wild as possible. One of these options is the Jeremy Fisher cabin, a 75 year old trout hatchery located next to a flowing ravine and our choice for the weekend. This cabin is great for larger groups or families with multiple children, as it can sleep 8 comfortably, on the double bunk beds on the ground level, as well as the two double beds found on the mezzanine.

Aside from that, the cabin also comes equipped with a wood burning stove and a massive balcony out front, complete with a picnic table to sit and overlook the flowing brook below as well as the surrounding forest. Speaking of location, the Jeremy Fisher can be found in a more secluded part of the resort, one where the hiking trails don’t run through, making it one of the more private choices.

If you’re looking to venture out of the walls of the cabin and the explore the area a bit more, Au Diable Vert has a few activities to partake in. One of the most well-known is the Velo Volant experience, where you ride a suspended bike through the air, soaring above the tree tops. If you’re a chicken and scared of heights like me though, there are also 22 km worth of hiking trails to explore and a field full of highland cows to befriend. All in all, we spent a relaxing and wonderful weekend here at Diable Vert, and it’s definitely a place that I can see ourselves returning to, especially during the summer months to take advantage of that great patio area. There is also a fire pit a little distance from the cabin that would be great to roast marshmallows on and to enjoy those late summer nights. The check in process was also quick and easy and the cabin itself was well-kept and clean.


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