If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to spend a fall weekend, a place to lay your head under a canopy of bright red and orange leaves, a place where you can be completely surrounded by nature and just take a moment to breath in the crisp, fall air, look no further than the Station du Chene Rouge. This nature reserve, covering over 150 acres of land, can be found in the heart of the Massawippi River valley, more specifically in the picturesque village of North Hatley, a short distance from all major cities such as Montreal. The family owned and operated business boasts several different accommodations to choose from ranging from cozy little pods and mountain side triangular cabins, to a bubble tent that will allow you to quite literally sleep under a blanket of stars. This little slice of heaven can be accessed all year round and boasts a multitude of different activities to take part in on site, including hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing through forests of snow capped trees. The site also backs up onto a portion of the Mississquoi Valley trails that lead down to some very photogenic spots, including an old dynamite cave that was used during the copper mining times as well as some hundred year old ruins that have long been abandoned and left to be reclaimed by nature.

If there’s anything that I love about the fall season, it’s cocooning into a million blankets and cardigans, throwing on the fuzziest of socks, and getting cozy inside of a cabin in the middle of the woods. There’s something about being out in the forest, surrounded only by the quietness of nature and the smells of the damp wood and pine trees, that makes me feel more relaxed than anything else. Given the year that we’re currently living through and all of the changes that have come with this pandemic, there is no better time than to escape into nature to recharge your batteries. Having visited La Station du Chene Rouge during the summer, this time for a rustic camping trip with nothing but our tent and the most basic of necessities, we knew that we needed to come back when the forest was wearing it’s brightest fall colors, and we were not disappointed. My fiancé and I recently spent the weekend in one of the Station’s rectangular cabins, a two person cabin that is meant to symbolize stability, something we could definitely use more of in 2020. These cabins come equipped with a small wood stove, a kitchen area including sink, a queen sized bed as well as a dining table and chairs. The best part though is the balcony area which comes with patio furniture, to enjoy the most spectacular sunrises, as well as the fire pit area that comes with two Adirondack chairs. There are three different rectangles to choose from, but the one that we went with was the Air, which is found in close proximity to the parking lot, which made it very easy to transport all of our luggage and also gave the best views out of the back patio door, onto the wide open field below and stunning sunrises over the mountains.

Overall, the Station du Chene Rouge is definitely in the top of favorite cabins I’ve discovered so far and a gem to be discovered in the Eastern Townships. Regardless of when you visit, you will most certainly be met with open and inviting arms and you’re guaranteed to spend the most relaxing and peaceful weekends.


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