Let’s face it, we all want to travel and explore the world around us but with the vast majority of adult humans nowadays working 9-5 jobs Monday through Friday, that doesn’t leave very much to venture out. A solution to this problem would of course be to plan shorter trips instead rather than trying to find extra vacation days to go on a week long voyage which is a good way to make said trips more frequent. Though shorter trips may not seem appealing to everyone, as you do have much less time to get everything done, the greatest memories can also be made on these weekend getaways. Personally, I try to get in as many short little day trips or weekend adventures as possible throughout the year as a way to refresh and explore new surroundings, so to help you also have the best trip possible, here are a few tips and tricks to help achieve that.


Target the Longer Weekends

For the vast majority of any working person, 9-5 jobs running from Monday on to Friday are the norm. In turn, this means that for most people, the only time they can travel somewhere outside of vacation time, is during the weekends. While there are plenty of getaways that can be accomplished within the span of two days, consider planning out trips during holiday weekends in order to gain a few extra days. Often times during holidays such as Easter or Labor Day, extra days off are given making this time the perfect opportunity to book a getaway.


Pay Attention to Hotel Location

If you plan on staying overnight somewhere during your getaway, look into booking your hotel or any other accommodation close to the activities you plan on doing. Evidently enough, by doing this you will spend much less time travelling between all of the activities and places to see and more time spent at your actual destination.


Prioritize What You Want To Do

Let’s face it, trying to do 20 different things and see every single church or cool building in town within a couple of days, is pretty much impossible. Before heading out on your trip, make a list of everything you would like to see or do in order of priority. Start the list off with things that you absolutely cannot miss out on and then go down the list from there, ending with activities that you would be content with saving for a future trip back. By starting with your top priority things, it’s guaranteed that you’ll come out of your trip feeling fulfilled and who knows, you might even have extra time to get the other things on your list done as well.


The Less, The Better

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one and again addresses planning your activities out ahead of time. Though we’re inclined to pack in as much as possible into a trip, doing less is actually the way to go for a more enjoyable vacation. For example, we may feel the need to visit every interesting museum in town, choosing one or two from the list and taking the time to walk through the exhibits and process what you’re seeing rather than rushing through it, will be much more worthwhile.


Get Up Early

This one may be easier said than done for all the night owls, but getting up early while on your getaway is the key to getting the most out of your time away. This will give you more time to explore and take in your surroundings and there also tends to be less people out and about in the early morning hours.


Ditch the Layovers and Connections

If the destination that you’ve chosen involves flying, consider booking round trip flights rather than ones with layovers. While this isn’t normally the best piece of advice as it’s not the cheapest route to go, for shorter getaways its a must in order to maximize time. Layovers and connecting flights can be quite long, many times with unexpected delays which can cut into your vacation time drastically. Non-stop flights will get you to your destination in no time, therefore allowing for more time spent on your trip.


Choose Closer to Home

This one should be a no brainer but choosing a destination closer to home will reduce travel time and increase vacation time. Try choosing destinations that are easy to drive to and are a few hours away from where you live rather than trying to fly across the world over a weekend.



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