With the landscapes covered in a blanket of white, powdery snow and the smell of gingerbread and Christmas trees lingering in the air, the most magical time of year is officially at our doors. I feel like this past year has gone by so ridiculously fast that it feels like just yesterday that I was working on my last gift guide and now here we are again. For this year I decided to change things up a little bit and instead make a gift guide for stocking stuffers as I find that they’re the cutest and most fun little gifts to receive during the holidays. So with Christmas day fast approaching there’s no time to waste so here are some of the best stocking stuffers to gift the travel lover in your life or to keep for yourself.



1. Chocolat Favoris Discovery Box – $21.99

Discover 24 chocolates from 12 different regions around the world with this Discovery gift set from one of Quebec’s most renowned chocolatiers. This gift set includes varieties of chocolates from Mexico as well as fruity chocolate from Tanzania and seeing as they are all individually wrapped, these are perfect to drop into stockings.  


2. Travel Notepad – $9.99

Another great little gift that can be thrown into a stocking and perfect for old fashioned people like myself who prefer to write things down on paper rather than on a phone, are these adorable notepads. The exterior cover of the notepad is made to resemble different airport codes from around the world such as Paris, New York, London, and Rome.


3. Travel Tote Bag – $3.59

Much like the previously mentioned notepads, these mini tote bags are also available in the same print. These little bags are perfect to put virtually anything in and with a price tag below the $5 mark, they are ideal for stockings.


4. Luggage Tags – various prices

Luggage tags can be found virtually everywhere with many different price options, ranging from the cheaper but cute versions from places such as Forever21 or H&M to the more sophisticated, grown up ones from more luxury brands. Whatever option you may choose, regardless they are a great gift to give and are very practical for the frequent flyer as they help not only identify your luggage but also to differentiate your suitcase from others that may look similar.


5. eAlarm and Mini Alarm System – $27

A great little gadget to have and to keep on your person at all times especially when visiting a new place, this electronic alarm can attach to either a purse, book bag, or belt loop and will let out a 30 minute continuous alarm that can be used to alert someone if ever you’re in danger. The sleek and small design of this portable alarm makes it easy to carry around without drawing too much attention to it and is also TSA approved, so there will be no problems when travelling with it.


6. Travel Comfort Kit – $11.50

Conveniently packed away into a drawstring pouch, making it the ideal thing to give as a stocking stuffer, this little comfort kit comes with a soft, jersey material eye mask, an inflatable neck pillow, as well as a pair of foam earplugs. This bag of essentials will make travel much more comfortable and easy going whether that be by land or air.


7. International Snacks from Munchpak – various prices

Similar to Universal Yums, one of my favorite subscription boxes, Munchpak is a subscription service that delivers international snacks to your door each month. On top of their monthly snack boxes, they also offer an online shop where you can browse through thousands of options from a multitude of different countries without having to commit to the monthly service. Choose some snacks, candies, or drinks from countries such as Poland, Finland, Israel, Saudi Arabia and you’re sure to please any world traveler.


8. Burts Bees Essentials Kit – $13.49

A perfect little gift for the person that’s always on the go but still wants to feel luxurious and pampered after a long flight or road trip, this essentials kit from Burts Bees can easily be taken out of the packaging and added into a stocking. These all natural products come in travel sizes which make them perfect for suitcases and carry on bags when space is already limited. The essentials kit includes everything one would need in order to feel refreshed including a beeswax lip balm, chamomile cleansing cream, milk and honey body lotion, coconut foot cream, as well as a hand salve.


9. Lonely Planet World Handbook – $36.50

Anyone who loves to travel, needs to have this book in their life without a doubt. Written by the travel experts at Lonely Planet, the World handbook features every single country in the world and tells you a bit about each country along with the best things to do and places to explore if ever you’re visiting. Though this gift is a bit more on the pricey side for a stocking stuffer, it’s completely worth it and will be a guaranteed hit for the adventurer in your life.






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