Nestled in the Laurentian mountains and only an hour drive North of Montreal, lies Mont Tremblant. Tremblant is a much loved destination among tourists coming to Quebec and is a great place to visit for both skiers as well as nature lovers and hikers, with both the Mont Tremblant ski resort and the Mont Tremblant National Park, being in the top places to go when visiting the town. One of the most iconic things about Mont Tremblant though isn’t the great ski trails or the abundance of hiking trails, it’s the pedestrian village found at the base of the towering Tremblant mountain. This village, with it’s brightly colored rooftops that can be seen from miles away, is only accessible to pedestrians and though it was built around the ski resort, it is the perfect place to visit no matter the season. The pedestrian village is also the ideal place to stay for first time visitors to Mont Tremblant as the village has everything you may need from hotels and restaurants to adorable little shops and a plethora of activities to partake in. So for a weekend away in one of the cutest places in Quebec, here are some of the best things to do and place to see in Mont Tremblant. 

Hop aboard the Panoramic Gondola and soar up into the sky to the top of the Mont Tremblant mountain. Experience breath taking views atop the observation deck, shop for souvenirs, and grab lunch all at the top of the mountain. 


Tap into your competitive side and try out the Petit Geant mini putt course. The 18 hole course is made to resemble the Geant golf course that can be found not too far from the village, and can be located in the heart of the pedestrian village. 


When the sun goes down, the lights come on at Tonga Lumina, a nocturnal walk along a hiking trail that runs through the forest. This 1.5 kilometer walk features dramatic light projections accompanied by elaborate, story telling. 


Spend the day with your head in the clouds and surrounded by nature at the Mont Tremblant National Park. This park is a natural area filled with rivers and waterfalls as well as stunning wildlife, making it the perfect place for hiking, photography, and even canoeing. 


Let loose and relax with a rejuvenating day the Scandinave Spa Mont Tremblant, found just a few minutes outside of the pedestrian village. This spa is equipped with Scandinavian baths, hot tubs, and massage services, for a relaxing and uplifting experience. 


Descend through the forest on a twisting and turning ride aboard a Skyline Luge. This luge resembles a smaller version of a go kart and allows the driver to go as slow or as fast as they would want.


Try your luck at table games and slots, at the Casino de Mont Tremblant. Spend a night out at this gorgeous casino, even enjoying a gondola ride up the mountain to the lodge style casino. 


If you’re unfortunate enough to get some bad weather during your visit, spend a rainy afternoon in the pedestrian village at the Studio Creatif. People of all ages are invited to visit the studio to customize and paint their very own pottery in the form of figurines, mugs, vases, and much more, making for a unique and personalized souvenir to remember Mont Tremblant by. 


See Mont Tremblant from the sky at the Ziptrek Ecotours zip lining experience. This unique tour consists of a series of zip lines that will bring you from the top of the mountain down into the pedestrian village. 


Satisfy your sweet tooth and taste one of Canada’s classic treats, beavertails. Find one of the two beavertail kiosks that can be found in the pedestrian village and taste these deep fried pastries covered in the toppings of your choice ranging from Oreo pieces and Reese’s pieces to maple butter and chocolate or apple and cinnamon.


Enjoy the views of the sprawling Laurentian mountains aboard the Grand Manitou on the stunning Lake Tremblant. Along this lake cruise, you will hear legends and stories about the surrounding mountains all while soaking in the views and the calmness of the lake. 


Indulge in another one of Quebec’s famous dishes, poutine, at Smoke’s Poutinerie. Located at the base of the mountain in the village, this little shack style restaurant offers many different types of poutine ranging from a veggie option to more out of the box ones such as the perogy poutine and the bacon cheeseburger version.


Soar above the pedestrian village aboard the Cabriolet ski lift. This standing lift takes you from the bottom of the pedestrian village right to the top at the base of the mountain and then back down again. Not only does this lift offer stunning views along the way, it’s also free of charge and you’re welcome to use it as many times as you wish.


Race against the clock as you fight your way to freedom at Mission Liberte. Another activity that can be found in the center of the pedestrian village, at this escape room game, you must use your brains and teamwork skills in order to escape from a themed room, to safety. 


Yet another unique activity and one that is also perfect for dreary, rainy days, is the TBar. Here, not only will you be able to shop for a souvenir t-shirt to commemorate your time in Mont Tremblant, you will also be able to customize it to your liking and style. 


Read also ‘20+ Photos To Inspire You To Visit Mont Tremblant‘ for even more gorgeous pictures of this unique village. 





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