From sprawling coast lines and city centers with skyscrapers reaching towards the sky to quiet countrysides and bustling cities, Canada is home to just about everything including a few dark, and spooky places waiting to be explored. With Halloween fast approaching, now is the perfect time to muster up the courage to discover one of these haunted places and luckily there is a haunted place to be found in virtually every province in the country, so no one will be left feeling left out. From natural parks with a dark past to abandoned buildings with a few secrets, these are the most haunted places found scattered across Canada, that are worth discovering this spooky season.


St Francis Xavier University | Nova Scotia

Opened for business in the late 19th century by the Sisters of Notre Dame as a college, the university has a few ghostly students that are unwilling to graduate. The building is reportedly haunted by a few nuns, with one in particular making quite a few appearances. This nun is believed to have fallen in love with a priest and become overcome with grief when she realized that the relationship would never become anything. She then decided to end her own life by jumping to her death off the top of the Gilmora Hall. Her spirit is believed to still be trapped behind the walls of the university with apparitions of the nun being reported along with other strange activity such as books being knocked around and echoing footsteps.


Nahanni National Park Reserve | Northwest Territories

The area found in the most Northern parts of Canada, was named after the Naha tribe who lived in the region right up until they mysteriously vanished one day, never to be seen again. The national park, considered to be a national treasure, also became much more ominous and creepy once prospectors discovered gold and decided to settle in the area. For the past century, people visiting the Nahanni National Park have found decapitated corpses simply strewn about the valleys as well as dozens of cases being reported of the lifeless bodies of hikers or prospectors being discovered, headless. Because of this creepy activity going down here, the national park is often nicknamed things such as Deadmen Valley and Headless Creek and there are even legends about the place that claim that cannibals occupy the mountains surrounding Nahanni park.


Montmorency Falls | Quebec

Located just a short distance away from the center of Old Quebec City, is the Montmorency Falls, a massive and stunning waterfall standing 100 feet taller than the famous Niagara Falls in the neighboring province of Ontario. As gorgeous and breath taking as these falls may be, they were also the site of an unfortunate and tragic ending for a young lady. Back in 1759, this woman often nicknamed the ‘woman in white’, was awaiting the return of her lover who was out serving in the war. When he never made it back home, the woman was overcome with grief and decided to end her life. She did so by leaping off of the top of the Montmorency Falls, falling to her death in the icy waters below, all while wearing her wedding dress hence her nickname. Her body was never recovered from the water below and for years now, tourists have reported seeing the ghost of the grief stricken bride in the mist of the waterfalls, falling to her demise.


Fort Henry | Ontario

A 19th century fort with a dark and disturbing past, Fort Henry stands a top the hill overlooking Kingston, Ontario. The fort was built in 1812 by the British and was to prevent the Americans from attacking the Point Henry. Fort Henry was never the site of a grand attack or ambush but regardless, there have still been many ghost sightings and spooky encounters over the years. One of the main ghosts that have never left Fort Henry is that of a soldier by the name of John ‘Gunner’ Smith. Smith worked and resided at the fort and unfortunately for him, was also killed at the fort after accidentally shooting himself when one of the guns he was cleaning, malfunctioned. His ghost his often seen roaming around in the ‘dry ditch’ area near the main gate. Another ghostly guest that is often spotted lingering around the fortress, is that of Nils Von Schoultz who was imprisoned for his role in the Rebellion of 1837. His fate was sealed at Fort Henry by taking a trip down to the gallows leaving his spirit behind to wander around the site wearing a tattered blue uniform and a noose around his neck.

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Craigdarroch Castle | British Columbia

This massive, castle-like mansion in British Columbia was constructed between 1887 and 1890 and was built by a coal mining millionaire. The house, which is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in BC, has had a few reports of some spooky encounters over the years though the current owners of the house would say otherwise. Reports have come in of various different ghostly encounters happening at the house including the apparition of both a maid and a little girl, strange music playing from nowhere and the sound of someone running quickly down the stairs. Many believe that the reasoning behind all of the creepy happenings is due to the untimely demise of Robert Dusmuir, the original owner of the house, who passed away suddenly only one year before the building of the mansion was complete.


West Point Lighthouse | Prince Edward Island

The West Point Lighthouse in O’leary, Prince Edward Island was Canada’s first lighthouse inn and is famous among tourists far and wide. Not only is this lighthouse a concrete piece of history, it is also claimed to be haunted by the original keeper of the lighthouse, William Macdonald, who is often spotted wandering around the halls of the inn. Phantom ships that seemingly appear from thin air, ablaze with orange flames, have also reported to have been seen by tourists visiting the famous landmark.


Fort Gary Hotel | Manitoba

Considered to be a Natural Historic Site of Canada, the Fort Gary hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. The hotel was built in 1913 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway as one of the country’s grand railway hotels. The hauntings and reported ghost sightings first began at the hotel with a newlywed couple celebrating their honeymoon who chose the Fort Gary Hotel as their destination. The couple were booked into room 202, when the bride reportedly fell ill and so her husband set out to get some medicine for her. Unfortunately for the bride however, her husband was killed in a tragic car accident while out, leaving his grief stricken widow behind. The immense combination of shock and grief at losing her new husband so fast and so suddenly, proved to be too much for the bride to handle, with her hanged body being discovered in her hotel room the next morning. Reports submitted by guests who have stayed at the hotel include sightings of the bride weeping incessantly in room 202 as well as hearing her gut wrenching wails in the lounge area.


Capitol Theatre | New Brunswick

Used today as a premium spot for concerts and other events, the building housing the Capitol Theatre today, was once used as Moncton’s movie theater. When the building was operating as such, was when tragedy struck the most, so much so that the building is now considered to be one of the most haunted places in New Brunswick. Tragedy struck the first time when a little girl fell down a flight of stairs in the theater, which cost her her life. Witnesses have reported to have seen her apparition wandering behind the ticket booth late at night. In 1924, there was a second accident that happened at the theater, this time it was a young volunteer firefighter known as Alexander Lindsay who saw his life get cut short after having the main stage inside the theater fall on top of him, crushing him to death. It is said the Alexander can still be seen inside the Capitol Theatre with his spirit being spotted in one of the seats of the auditorium and he is also known for blowing cold breezes throughout the theater.


Banff Springs Hotel | Alberta

Perhaps not as scary as the hotel from the movie The Shining or Bates Motel from Psycho, the Banff Springs Hotel nestled in the Alberta mountainside, is home to it’s fair share of ghostly guests. The picturesque hotel has been featured on many different ghost exploration shows and has been the scene of some pretty spooky encounters since it’s construction in 1888. Both guests and hotel staff have witnessed some ghostly encounters with some of the more notable ghost sightings including that of a young bride who died in the hotel after falling down a flight of stairs and snapping her neck. She is believed to now haunt the hallways at the hotel, wandering around aimlessly in her white, wedding gown. Another ghostly figure that hasn’t yet checked out of the hotel is that of Sam Macauley, who worked as a bellhop at the hotel. Sam unfortunately passed away not long after beginning his retirement, and is often seen walking around in the hotel dressed in his bellhop uniform.


Bekevar Church | Saskatchewan

The Bekevar church is a Hungarian church located in the rural town of Kipling, Saskatchewan. This church was built in 1910 and was in use right up until the 1960’s, when the times changed and evolved which meant that the church was very seldom used anymore. The creepiness surrounding the now abandoned church, seems to have started in the 1970’s when reports started coming in. There have been multiple stories of people spotting ghostly figures in the church windows as well as hearing the bells tolling. There have also been claims of a woman dressed in white who tries to hitch a ride with passerbys and then just mysteriously disappears leaving behind only a pair of gloves.


The Caribou Hotel | Yukon

Recognized as a Designated Yukon Historic Site, the Caribou hotel can be found in Carcrass, Yukon in the far north of Canada and is believed to be a bit over 100 years old. The hotel was built at the beginning of the gold rush and has seen its fair share of owners as well as paranormal activity in the past couple of years. The hauntings are believed to have begun after Edwin and Bessie Gideon, took over ownership of the hotel after the previous owner, Dawson Chanie, passed away in 1908. Tragically in 1933, Edwin’s beloved wife Bessie passed away with reports of her spirit still being felt and seen at the hotel, being repeatedly made over the years. Guests as well as staff members of the hotel have claimed that Bessie’s spirit tends to make herself known by slamming doors, creaking the floorboards, looking out windows, knocking on the floors, and even putting bubbles into bathtubs. The Caribou Hotel has climbed to fame over the years for being one of the only haunted places found in the Yukon territory with Bessie even being immortalized in stamp form after Canada Post put out a collection of ‘Haunted Canada’ stamps, with Bessie Gideon and the Caribou Hotel being featured on one of them.


Majestic Theatre | Newfoundland

Found in the heart of downtown St John’s and often referred to as the ‘flat iron building’ of Newfoundland, the Majestic Theatre has been the place to go for live music and entertainment for the past century. The theater has been a landmark in St John’s since its beginnings in 1918 but the building does hold quite a lot of dark secrets as well as a macabre history, making it a hot tourist spot for ghost hunters and those curious about the paranormal. This historic building loved by many for being a hot spot for a great Friday night out, was built on top of a site where many hangings took place which unsurprisingly makes the theater quite popular with the ghostly guests. It is believed that the Majestic Theatre is haunted by the ghosts of the men that were hung to their death on this site, with many witnesses having reported hearing strange noises such as moans and screams that sound almost unhuman like as well as objects randomly moving around on their own.







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