From a famous ice cream brand that is found in virtually every grocery store throughout the province of Quebec to being the home of North America’s longest suspended bridge, Coaticook is a unique and adventure filled destination for your next road trip. The town is home to about 10,000 inhabitants and is found in the stunning region of the Eastern Townships bordering the U.S state of Vermont. Coaticook is not only a beautiful town, it is also the perfect mix of city and country to appeal to everybody’s tastes, with stunning, rural landscapes as well as a thriving city center dotted with quaint, little shops and restaurants.

Keep on reading to discover the best things to do and see and of course the best places to grab lunch or a cup of coffee in order to spend the perfect day right here in Coaticook.

Things To Do & Places To See

Start things off on a Coaticook cemetery tour which will allow you to discover the town’s history and heritage along picturesque routes that will bring you back in time to the 1800’s.

For the nature lovers looking to spend the afternoon away from civilization and responsibilities, the Parc Decouverte Nature is the perfect place to go. Enjoy beautiful hiking trails with gorgeous views as well as the opportunity to visit a fish hatchery to discover different species of fish.

Found inside of an old church no longer in use, is a unique take on the traditional mini putt. The Glo Golf mini putt course is flooded with black light for a glow in the dark experience where you will visit different areas such as outer space and under the ocean along the 18 hole course.

One of my favorite places in Coaticook and a popular option among hundreds of visitors a year is the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. For a more in depth post all about this gorgeous park, read also ‘Discover Quebec | Visiting North America’s Longest Suspended Bridge‘.



Places To Grab A Bite To Eat

Start your day off on the right foot with a delicious breakfast from O’bagels Cafe. This cozy little cafe offers both hot, fresh coffee as well as homemade bagels.

For lunch time, make your way down to the Cafe Central for the best poutine in town. Prices here are great and sure to not break the bank and it also has that great old diner atmosphere about it.

Finish off your day in Coaticook with a cold summer treat at the Laiterie Coaticook, the factory where the popular ice cream is made along with their famous cheese. Choose from dozens of choices of flavors such as pistachio, strawberry, blueberry, and even coffee flavored.






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