With spring right around the corner not only is it almost time to bust out the summer clothes and start thinking about working on your tan, it’s also festival season. Lineups for a range of popular festivals have started to be announced and plans can start being made. Personally I am someone that adores music festivals and concerts in general. I’ve been to more concerts that I can count and I’m always up for spending a hot summer day outside listening to my favorite bands play my favorite songs. Though this blog post isn’t necessarily travel related, I thought that I would still put together this sort of survival guide for music festivals to help out those in need. Whether you’ll be attending your first festival this summer or you’re a seasoned pro, these tips and tricks can be helpful for just about anyone.


Sandals Are Real Cute But Really Not Practical

You may be itching to pull out your sandals for spring and summer in the hopes of looking cute and stylish but a festival is no place for flip flops and gladiator shoes. Not only will you have to walk long distances throughout the day from stage to stage but you’ll also be jumping around and dancing along with thousands of other people. Any closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes are your best bet to not only avoid getting massive blisters by the end of the day but also to prevent you from getting your toes stepped on and crushed in the crowds.


Ear Plugs Will Be Your Best Friend

No matter how old or young you may be and no matter how many times you’ve gone to concerts and festivals alike, ear plugs are always a good idea. Not only will they prevent you from ending the day off with a headache but you’ll also be able to hear better the day after the show without that annoying ringing noise in your ears. Ear plugs are also especially important for those who attend multiple shows per year or per month as they help ensure that you won’t be completely deaf by the time you’re 35.


Book Your Hotel Ahead Of Time To Save $$$

Some festivals last for a few days in a row and some festival grounds come with camping areas where you can just pitch a tent and spend the weekend where all the action is. Not all festivals offer this though and sometimes you’ll have no choice but to rent a hotel room for the duration of the festival. In order to save some serious cash on your hotel room, consider booking in advance and consider splitting the cost with a group of friends who are also planning on going to the show as hotels in the vicinity of the grounds tend to hike their prices up like crazy for the duration of the festival.


You’re Not Too Cool To Wear Sunscreen Lotion

As obvious as it may seem, be sure to wear sunscreen and to reapply religiously throughout the day. Many people will show up to the show in the morning all creamed up and ready to go but will never think of reapplying and therefore end up looking like Sebastien from the Little Mermaid by the end of the day. Sunscreen not only prevents you from achieving the cooked lobster look, it also helps in preventing much more serious things such as skin cancer.


Water Comes Before Your Overpriced Beer

No matter how annoying it may be to drag along a water bottle with you all day or to stand in line at the fill up stations to get your bottle refilled, drinking lots and lots of water throughout the day is so extremely important. Dehydration from lack of fluids can cause illnesses such as hyperthermia and can ruin your whole weekend and festival experience when you’re forced to be sent to the medical tent or even the hospital because you couldn’t be bothered to down a few more bottles of water. It should also be noted that your overpriced beers and other alcoholic beverages are not substitutes for good old H20 as alcohol itself is dehydrating.


Baby Wipes Will Be Your Most Prized Possession

Baby wipes can be used for a multitude of different things and will come in handy throughout the festival. Since you may potentially be spending an entire weekend on the festival grounds with showers being quite sparse if non-existent, baby wipes will be great to wipe yourself down and to freshen up before bed at the end of a long day spent moshing and dancing. They’re also great for washing your filthy hands and for taking your makeup off at the end of the night.


Save Time By Going Au Naturel

Let’s face it, festivals tend to happen during the most hot and humid months of the year and with thousands of other people so close to you all day long, things will get pretty sweaty and gross. Humidity is also a makeup wearer’s downfall as the heat will just make all of your foundation, contour, and everything else melt off your face before the day is over. To avoid looking like a hot mess by the end of it all and to save having to carry around extra makeup or setting spray to reapply throughout the day, consider going for the natural look, you’ll have piece of mind knowing that you won’t be walking around all day looking like a hot mess.


Invest Your Money Into A Portable Battery

Investing into a rechargeable and portable battery is probably one of the best things you can do in preparation for attending a festival and it will allow you to keep in touch with members of your group by keeping your phone charged at all times. Some festivals do offer charging stations to plug your phone in and let charge but by doing this you risk missing out on some of the shows since you’re stuck waiting beside your phone while it charges. They are sometimes not free and could cost quite a bit and the lines are usually ridiculously long that it just isn’t worth it in the end.


Skin Tight Clothes Are Your Enemy

As cute as your newest skinny jeans and crop top may be, skin tight clothes will not be your best friend during those hot, festival days. It will be best to opt instead for some looser fitting clothing (preferably made of materials such as cotton) in order for the air to circulate better and in turn you’ll feel less of a sweaty mess when your clothes are not laying tightly against your body.


Most Important Tip To Remember

If you take away only one piece of advice or tip from this blog post, this one is the one to remember and that is to live in the moment as much as possible. Concerts and festivals are an amazing way to spend a weekend surrounded by like minded people who are all there to enjoy themselves and to get lost in the live music. Though we are all guilty of this, myself included, try putting your phone down as much as possible. Now I’m not saying don’t take it out at all because we all know how fun it is to snap a few pictures or videos of your artists on stage to post to Instagram and there’s nothing wrong with this as in the end it makes for great memories to look back on, but try not to overdo it. It’s important to remain as present in the moment as possible and to enjoy the music without watching the concert through your phone screen.


Question : What are some of the festivals that you’ll be attending this summer? Let me know in the comments!




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