Flowers are starting to bloom, the days are getting longer, and you can almost taste the summer air. This time of year is always the best time to slowly get out of that winter hibernation mode and to start tackling some spring cleaning and redecorating. I always love cleaning everything out and sprucing my space up a bit after a long winter so I’ve compiled a list of some cute travel themed decor pieces that I’ve found recently that I think you will love. Add these pieces to any room of your house to not only change things up a bit but also to show off your love of all things travel related.


1. Airport Throw Pillow

I mentioned this company in my holiday gift guide and I love their products so much that I’ve decided to showcase another one of their products in this post as well. Decorate any bed, couch, or chair with these unique throw pillows that feature an airport, boarding pass, or even an airline company to commemorate past adventures.


2. Rifle Paper Co. Art Prints

I came across these gorgeous art prints while scrolling through the Chapters/Indigo website and it instantly inspired me to create this blog post. These art prints are made by a company called Rifle Paper Co and come in many different options ranging from Italy, Peru, Iceland, New York City, Australia and so much more.


3. Decorative Aluminium Eiffel Tower

Show your love for the French monument with this simple yet adorable Eiffel Tower piece. It comes in both a silver aluminium color as well as matte black and can be placed just about anywhere in your home.


4. Travel Words Dice Decor

Whether you use it as a book end, a table top decoration, or even just as a paperweight, this cities dice is sure to show your love of travel. The dice is made with a resin material and painted a gray color giving off a stone like appearance. It also features a different city name on each side of the dice including Paris and Sydney.


5. Serengetee Travel More Wall Flag

Save time and effort painting and instead cover your wall with this ‘travel more’ wall flag from the company Serengetee. This wall flag comes in two different color options, black with white writing and white with black writing.


6. World Map Cork Board

Pin all of your travel photos and postcards from your adventures onto this fitting world map shaped cork board. This piece is perfect for any office space or even a bedroom and is not only practical but also adorable at the same time.




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