Now that the holidays are long gone and you’ve been spoiling everyone in your family for the past few weeks, it’s now time to treat yourself and what better way to do that than with a travel themed subscription box. Subscription boxes have been gaining popularity rapidly over the past few years and nowadays there are monthly boxes for just about everything ranging from beauty products to snacks. Today I’ll be sharing with you five different subscription boxes that are all travel themed and are worth your money. What better way to ring in the new year than with a gift to yourself that just keeps on giving?

Try The World | $19 to $39

The first subscription box that I’ll be sharing with you today is called Try the World. This box allows you to  choose between the snacks box or the countries box ($19 for the snacks box and $39 for the countries box) which will come packed with a curated selection of gourmet foods to cook with along with some snacks and drinks from different countries around the world. The box also comes with a culture guide explaining each item to you as well as some tips on how to best experience the country’s culinary experience. Try the World is available to purchase either monthly, every six months, or every twelve months with the price being less the longer that you subscribe for.



Universal Yums | $14 to $25

Another great food and travel related subscription box and one that I’m actually subscribed to myself is Universal Yums. This box is similar to the Try the World box but is more about the snacks and candies of each country rather than ingredients you can use in recipes. There are two options when it comes to Universal Yums where you can choose between either a Yum box where you will receive 6+ snacks per month or the Yum Yum box for even more goodies with 12+ snacks included in each box each month. The service is monthly where there is a brand new country each month to discover but can be cancelled at any time if it isn’t something for you.

To learn more about the subscription box and the kinds of goodies you can expect to receive each month, be sure to check out all of my Universal Yums posts that I have currently up on my blog. 




Little Passports | $12.95 to $14.95

A great choice for those travel lovers with children is the Little Passports subscription box. This box is recommended for kids aged between 6-10 years old and comes filled with stickers, photos, and activity sheets that pertain to a new country each month. Your very first Little Passports box also comes with a nifty little suitcase and passport to mark all of the countries that you have visited and discovered while subscribed to the service. Prices range depending on the length of your desired subscription and are $13.95 for six months, $12.95 for twelve months, and $14.95 per month for whatever amount of time you would like.



WanderAway | $44 to $220

Definitely one of the pricier subscriptions but still filled with fun travel items is the WanderAway box. Have a getaway each month with this subscription box that includes samples from a different country or theme. The items that can be found in the box are specific to travelling and helps you to experience different regions and cultures around the world. Items that can be included in the box range from snacks and candy to travel necessities such as sleep masks and other goodies. The boxes are shipped out every other month and you can choose between two different options which include the regular box ($44.97-$219.97) for one person or the family option ($74.97-$347.97) that has all the same items as the regular box but with more of the products in order to accommodate a family of four people.


MunchPak | $10 to $50

The last subscription box on this list is the MunchPak, which is another foodie box but is quite different than the other two mentioned previously. This box is completely customisable and snacks are hand picked according to the recipient’s tastes including only sweets or without spicy snacks, etc. The goodies included in the box are also not necessarily only from one specific country but rather a mixture of a bunch of different places. You also have the option of choosing how many snacks you would like included in your box as well as how many times you would like to receive a box ranging from weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. Another interesting perk about this company is the fact that if you’re not interested in purchasing a subscription box but would like to try different foods from around the world, they have an online shop available to pick and choose individual snacks and even drinks from over 50 different countries ranging from Thailand and the Ukraine to Japan and Switzerland.


Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these subscription boxes and also let me know some of your favorites that I may not have mentioned in this post. 








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