With Halloween upon us, I’ve decided to put together another spooky related post. Today I’ll be sharing with you a few hotels around the world that you can stay in that are said to be haunted. Do you have what it takes to spend the night in any of these places?

Bourbon Orleans Hotel | New Orleans, Louisiana

Found in the heart of the French Quarter area of New Orleans is the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, known to be one of the most haunted hotels in the city. When the building was first opened in 1827, it actually served as a well known and popular theater and ballroom used for fancy and glamorous events. After the Civil War and the Great Depression hit the United States, however, the ballroom closed it’s doors and was then given to the Sisters of the Holy Family convent in 1881. Aside from being used for their convent, the building was also being used as a school, orphanage, and a medical ward. Not long after the convent acquired the old ballroom, the yellow fever pandemic swept through the area and hit the convent hard which led to the death of many of the children that were living within the convent. Guests have reported hearing the laughter of the children throughout the building as well as seeing the nuns walking the halls. Additional reports of ghostly activity includes people seeing the ghost of a soldier limping down a hallway as well as hearing cries from one of the rooms of the hotel where it is said that one of the nuns from the convent committed suicide.


Emily Morgan Hotel | San Antonio, Texas

Once used as a medical facility, the Emily Morgan has been open since the early 1900’s and is situated right next to the Alamo, a grave site for fallen soldiers that is also believed to be haunted. The building housed both a morgue and a psych ward so it is thought that all the ghosts that still call the Emily Morgan home are from that time period. Guests to the now hotel have reported seeing a woman in a white dress wandering the halls as well as phone calls received in the middle of the night with no one on the other end. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, just looking at the building itself is enough to give you the creeps. It was built using Gothic style architecture and there are stone gargoyles found along the building looking down on the pedestrians below.


The Marshall House | Savannah, Georgia

Boasting 68 rooms and having being built in 1851, the Marshall House is the oldest and one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah. Though it is now used as accommodation for tourists visiting the city, it was formerly used as a hospital on three separate occasions, twice being for yellow fever victims and once for Civil war soldiers. It also used to accommodate soldiers during the war. Strange happenings that have occurred throughout the hotel include guests hearing children running down the halls, doorknobs rattling in the middle of the night, and faucets mysteriously turning on by themselves. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the entire city of Savannah is supposedly haunted and often finds themselves on ‘most haunted’ lists.

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Fairmont Banff Springs | Banff, Alberta, Canada

Considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in Canada, the Fairmont Banff is often referred to as the ‘castle of the rockies’ and has been attracting guests for over 125 years. The grand, luxurious hotel was constructed in 1888 and has seen guests such as Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth, and Helen Keller staying here. It wasn’t long though before tragedy struck the hotel. It is rumored that there was an entire family staying in room 873 together and before they could even check out, they were all murdered. After the investigation was over and the case was closed, the room in which the murders occurred was opened back up and rented out to guests. Not long after that though, the guests staying in that particular room began complaining of weird happenings such as being awakened in the middle of the night by shrill screams and seeing bloody hand prints in the mirror. The room has since been boarded up and employees of the hotel are forbidden from speaking about the killings. Aside from the murders, there was also a tragic accident that happened on hotel grounds. There was a bride who was walking up a staircase when her dress caught on fire from one of the lit candles lining the staircase. As she was panicking and trying to put the flames out, she ended up falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. Guests have reported seeing her ghost dressed in her wedding gown dancing around the ballroom.


Hotel del Coronado | San Diego, California

Situated on the coast of San Diego, the Hotel del Coronado is most well known for the stunning views of the ocean and the luxury but it also known for having a few permanent ghostly guests that call the hotel their home. One of the main ghosts that appears regularly is a girl named Kate Morgan. In 1892, on Thanksgiving Day, the 24 year old Kate checked into the hotel and never left. She was waiting for her lover to come and meet her in San Diego and after waiting for him for five straight days, she ended up taking her own life in her hotel room. The room in which the suicide happened can be still rented out today and visitors staying that specific room have reported seeing a pale figure in a black lace dress wandering around among other odd occurrences.


Hawthorne Hotel | Salem, Massachusetts

In a city such as Salem with a dark and notorious past, it is no surprise that there are a couple of haunted hotels and buildings throughout the city, one of them being the Hawthorne Hotel. Salem is widely known for and infamous for the witch trials that happened in 1692, where hundreds of presumed witches were burned at the stake or hung for their participation in witchcraft. One of the first witches to be put on trial and hung was Bridget Bishop. She actually owned the land and had an apple orchard in the exact location in which the Hawthorne Hotel can be found today. There have been reports from the guests of eerie sounds, screeching, and the unexplainable smell of apples that sometimes fills the air.





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