Set in the days before the internet, electricity, and much of the other amenities we’re used to having on hand at all times, the Village Quebecois D’antan in Drummondville, Quebec explores these times and shows visitors how life was during the 19th century.

In total, the touristic village is home to 47 different buildings and old fashioned houses. Some of these include a church, an old school house, a paper mill, as well as a bakery and a general store. The majority of these houses are open to explore, where you will learn about what each house was used for as well as a bit of history of who lived there before. The guides in these houses are also dressed in clothing from that time period in order to enhance the experience.


The houses and buildings found at the Village D’antan are all actual places that people have either lived in or worked at and were brought to the area in order to construct the village into what it is today. It was created in 1977 by a man named Claude Verrier who was a historian looking to build a place where people could learn about the history and to experience life before their time.

The Village D’antan is open to visit for the majority of the year with entry prices varying on when you decide to visit. Tickets for a day at the village during the summer months for an adult are priced at $27,61 cad. There are also other activities in which you can pay a little bit extra to enjoy such as a ride in an old car for $4,35 and a horse carriage ride for $2,61. If you are driving to the Village D’antan, there is a large area for parking right outside of the main building and is free of charge.



Though the village is an interesting place to visit regardless of the season, there are special activities and events for certain holidays that are not to be missed. During the months of March and April, the village is turned into the Village Sucré, a time where the focus is to show guests what goes into making a batch of Quebec’s maple syrup. During Halloween, expect lots of frights as the village transforms into Le Village Hanté and visiting during Christmas is for sure to bring joy to anyone with Le Village Illuminé.

Aside from the houses to discover at the village, there is also a small water park found on site. Here you will find a few small water games mainly for children and is a great way to cool off after a long day spent here. The price of the water park is included in the admission fee. There are lounge chairs as well as picnic tables in the area surrounding the water park and there is even a concessions stand where you can buy snacks and drinks.



If you’re looking to spend a bit of extra money at the Village D’antan, be sure to check out the shops found around the village. First, there is the general store where you can pick out some maple candies, refreshments, and freshly made popcorn. At the Fromagerie Lemaire, learn about the making of curd cheese and be sure to pick yourself up a bag as well as some homemade chips. There is also the bakery which offers freshly made bread, muffins, and other baked goods. Last but not least, a trip to the Village D’antan is not complete without stopping by the beignerie. Indulge your sweet tooth in their famous maple flavored old fashioned donuts which are simply to die for or opt for the honey or plain ones.


Overall if you’re looking for a day spent learning about the history of those before us and experiencing first hand how their lives used to be, then the Village D’antan is the perfect place for a day trip. For more information or to plan your own trip here, be sure to visit the Village Quebecois D’antan’s website.




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