A huge part of traveling is getting to experience new dishes and unique foods that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise have back at home. This is why finding good restaurants to visit in each town is part of the fun of visiting a new place and is one of my favorite things to do when I travel. Some of these restaurants however, go completely over the top and think out of the box. From a restaurant found under the sea to one that is based around toilets, here are some of the most unique restaurants in the world that you must visit at least once in your life.

Dinner In The Sky | Multiple Locations


Though not technically an actual restaurant with an establishment or full service, the Dinner in The Sky experience is not one to be missed if you’re feeling brave. The concept of the ‘restaurant’ is to have diners strapped into racing car chairs and secured in place with harnesses atop of a platform. The platform has space for about 22 diners as well as a couple of waiting staff and chefs and a large table for guests to enjoy their meal. The platform is then lifted about 160 feet into the air using a crane. This allows for guests to enjoy a multi-course meal while floating above ground and the concept has been gaining popularity in recent years. Originally thought up and started in Belgium, there are now multiple locations around the globe including Montreal, Dubai, and Paris. . The mobile restaurant is open only on select days and times depending on the city that you are attending in.


Blindekuh | Zurich, Switzerland

One of the first of it’s kind, the Blindekuh restaurant in Switzerland is a restaurant committed to hiring partially sighted or blind people and to show those who have perfect sight what it feels like to live in the dark without any light to guide them. Most of the waiters in the restaurant are visually impaired and there are no light sources allowed in the establishment. Diners must rely on their other four senses to differentiate what they are eating and what is on their plates. Dishes that are served here include eggplant pasta, smoked duck, and stuffed chicken breast. The creation of this restaurant has inspired many others to open up similar places all around the world.


ITHAA | The Maldives


Sixteen feet below the Indian Ocean, guests can indulge in gourmet dishes such as poached quail eggs and reef fish at the one of a kind ITHAA restaurant. One of the first and one of the only of its kind, diners are seated in a tunnel made of glass which allows you to enjoy a multi-course meal while marveling at the marine life and ocean surrounding you. Rated as one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world, it is safe to say that it is also probably one of the most unique ones out there.


Modern Toilet | Taipei, Taiwan


No stranger to odd restaurants, Taipei is not only home to multiple hospital and prison themed restaurants, it is also the birthplace of Modern Toilet. With over ten different locations throughout Taiwan, the Modern Toilet is a (obvious enough) toilet themed eatery. From the menu to the dishware and the decor, everything in this restaurant is themed accordingly, and surprisingly enough, attracts quite a bit of visitors daily. Guests dine in rooms that resemble bathrooms and sit on real toilets that were at one point in time, functional. The tables are either sinks or bathtubs with a large piece of glass over top for guests to enjoy their meals. Speaking of the food, the restaurant serves up their famous dishes inside of, you guessed it, toilet shaped bowls. The menu includes such items as curry, poop shaped chocolate buns and various drinks that are served up in urinal shaped cups. Definitely not the place for those with a weak stomach.


Safe House | Milwaukee, United States

Established in 1966, the Safe House is a spy themed restaurant/nightclub in Milwaukee. To even be able to enter the restaurant, guests must provide a password and are treated as spies as soon as they have gained access inside. Missions are given out to the diners and are to be completed while enjoying their meal. Food wise, the menu of the Safe House consists of dishes ranging from fried cheese curds and tacos to BBQ ribs and vegetarian options. Even the names of the dishes on the menu are worded accordingly with some of the names including Spy Burger and Green Bean Missiles among other spy themed names.


Labassin Waterfall Restaurant | San Pablo City, The Philippines 


Surrounded by the beauty of untouched nature, the Labassin restaurant is one of the only restaurants that can be found at the bottom of a waterfall. Guests are served authentic local cuisine to enjoy and are seated at tables made entirely of bamboo. These tables are placed in the water at the bottom of the waterfall with the diners’ feet being washed with the crystal clear waters while they eat their meal. The waterfall also acts as a natural air conditioner which is perfect for the hot and humid climate of the Philippines.


Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant | Tokyo, Japan

Straight out of a fairy tale storybook is one of the multiple Alice in Wonderland themed restaurants that are found throughout Japan. The Alice’s Fantasy restaurant is located in Tokyo and is highly popular among tourists and locals alike. The restaurant is a Disney lover’s dream with the decor consisting of giant playing cards, magical mushrooms, and Cheshire cats. The staff working at this establishment also get into character with the waitresses required to wear the iconic blue and white dress and black hair bow that Alice sports in the movie/book.



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