Walt Disney World is hands down one of my favorite places and a place loved by hundreds of thousands of people. I visited back in October of 2014 and I’ve decided to put together a helpful little guide of some tips and tricks to help you out if you’re also planning on visiting the happiest place on earth. Below you’ll find tips from how to save money to getting the most out of the day(s) you will be at the park.


 Unlike other theme parks, Walt Disney allows visitors to bring in their own snacks and drinks when visiting the park. In doing this, you can save a ton of money that can be put to good use elsewhere in the park. Most of the rides at Disney also allow passengers to bring their bags onto the ride with them which avoids the hassle of having to rent out a locker to put your belongings. Also, adults are allowed to order off the kid menus at Disney which make for cheaper yet equally as filling dishes.


If you never visited the Disney parks, or even if you have, they offer a free vacation planning dvd that can be ordered and delivered to your home free of charge. This guide helps you know what to expect and they also make for great keepsakes when you no longer need them.


If possible, always try to buy your tickets to the park in advance. Not only will this save you money, it will also save time by not having to wait in the lines at the entrance. When I visited the park, we did not buy our tickets in advance and ended up waiting close to half an hour in line just to purchase the tickets, let alone the time it took for us to get to Magic Kingdom by the ferry. You will be able to skip all these lines if you already have your tickets and get straight into the park.


Walt Disney World tend to put on about 15 stage shows and parades per day which attract tons of spectators each time. If the shows and parades don’t interest you as much or if you’re on limited time, use this time to go on some rides. Since most of the people tend to flock to these shows, the lines for the rides dwindle down quite a bit during this time. This is extremely useful especially for the rides that tend to have the longer wait times.


During the fall and winter period, Disney World hosts two parties one being Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party and the other being Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. These parties occur once the parks have closed and extra passes must be purchased in order to attend these parties. On the days of the parties, the park closes early, closing at 7pm instead of 10pm. If you aren’t planning on attending any of these parties, consider going to the parks on one of the days where there are no special events planned in order to make the most of your time there and to have that extra three hours to get everything done.


When booking your trip to Florida, consider booking a hotel that offers free shuttle services to and from the parks if you aren’t planning on staying in one of the on-site Disney resorts offered. Parking alone at Disney will set you back 20$ and taxi rides aren’t cheap either. You can avoid all of this by taking the shuttle offered by your hotel. The shuttle that was offered at the hotel that we were staying at left at three different times of the day. We opted to leave on the earliest one out which left at around 7 am and managed to arrive at the park a little bit past opening time. We also went back to the hotel on the last shuttle of the day which allowed for ample amount of time spent at the park.


If you have ever been to Disney and have any tips or hacks for getting the most out of your time there, write them in the comments below!





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