The N Hotel is a hotel situated in the Beauport region of Quebec City, Quebec and is operated by the company who also runs the Normandin restaurants that can be found throughout the province. The hotel has 74 rooms located over the span of two floors and can be found right beside the famous St-Lawrence river.



The location of the N Hotel definetly has it’s benefits. Situated next to the St-Lawrence river, this hotel allows visitors to visit all of Quebec City’s main attractions without driving a long distance. One of Quebec City’s most visited tourist spots, the Montmorency Falls, is only a 5 minute drive away from the hotel. It is also located 10 minutes from the center of Quebec and close to the Galeries de La Capitale as well. Multiple restaurants, such as the 24-hour on site Normandin among other popular options, are only but a few feet outside of your room door. This proved to be very useful as you are presented with multiple options in such a short distance away from the hotel. When going to Quebec City, personally I love being in an area where I can walk around and take pictures of the old buildings and the landmarks and unfortunately while staying at this hotel I wasn’t able to do that since it is not located in the heart of the old city. Of course there is always the option of driving into Old Quebec and walking around from there but parking can get expensive and it isn’t always convenient to find a spot to leave your car. Other than that though this hotel is very well located to be able to enjoy the most of your vacation.


Services & Amenities

The N Hotel offers many different services to their guests. Some of these include free wireless internet throughout the hotel, free local calls, as well as newspapers and magazines located in the lobby. It is also free to park in the parking lot which was honestly one of my favorite features about this hotel as parking fees can get quite expensive. While not having to pay to park your car, guests can spend their money elsewhere such as on different museums or attractions that Quebec has to offer. For those travelling with either cats or dogs weighing less than 23 kg, the N hotel is proud to accommodate your furry friends during your stay. Cats and dogs are given beds, water and food bowls, as well as a surprise snack when staying here. The pet friendly rooms are available for an extra 15$ a night which isn’t that expensive considering that many hotels do not accept animals whatsoever. One of the things that the N Hotel does not offer though is any type of breakfast service in the lobby like most hotels have that I’ve stayed in. They do however give all guests rebate coupons to enjoy breakfast for 20% off at the on-site Normandin restaurant which personally I think is even better seeing as the Normandin as some amazing food as well as a very friendly and accommodating staff.



First things first the rooms in this hotel are beautiful. Rooms offer a refrigerator, microwave, as well as free wifi and flat screen tvs. The rooms were extremely clean and spacious, allowing us to move around freely and comfortably with three people in the room. When staying here we were lucky enough to get a room looking out onto the road beside the hotel as well as a view of the Chateau Frontenac from a distance which was amazing. The beds are also ridiculously comfortable.




Overall Review

Overall, the N Hotel is a wonderful place to stay when visiting the beautiful city of Quebec City. Though it isn’t directly located in the heart of old Quebec like I would’ve wanted, it allowed for a much cheaper visit while not having to compromise on comfort. It was great not having to pay an extreme amount of money to park the car, unlike at some other hotels that I’ve been to. Above all, the N Hotel is a great option for anyone and I would definitely recommend staying here if you’re ever in the area.


For more information or to book your own room visit the N Hotel‘s website.



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