Set in the heart of Old Quebec, the Hotel Chateau Bellevue boasts breath-taking views of the St-Lawrence river as well as the ever famous Chateau Frontenac. Built in 1898, this hotel has 48 rooms and 1 suite all well-decorated in a modern fashion with a slight Old Quebec feel to them.

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The location of this hotel is amazing. Some of the most popular things to see/do in Quebec City such as the Citadelle of Quebec and the Plains of Abraham are located at only a 10 minute walk. This is one of the best center points for exploring the city on foot to take in the beautiful European style buildings and cobblestone streets. The Chateau Bellevue is also located face to face with the St-Lawrence river which offers up for some pretty amazing views from the rooms that boast this feature. For the best boutiques and bistros in Quebec City the Quartier Petit Champlain is the place to go. This neighborhood is the oldest commercial distract in all of North America and boasts many shops selling authentic Quebec handcrafts and restaurants serving the most authentic of Quebec dishes. The Hotel Chateau Bellevue is located a mere 10 minute walk to the beautiful Quartier Petit Champlain. Overall the location of this hotel couldn’t be any more perfect either for first time visitors of Quebec City or just the seasonal regulars.


Services & Amenities

Chateau Bellevue offers many great services such as valet parking in a secure and recorded parking lot as well as free wireless internet in all rooms and a continental breakfast. Located in the Chateau Bellevue is the Urban Spa where guests can enjoy relaxing massages and spa treatments without ever having to leave the comfort of your hotel and while enjoying the hotel’s other services such as pay per glass wine service in the lobby and the updated fitness room. Though I was a little hesitant about the valet parking as I’m a little bit overprotective of my car and the thought of letting a stranger drive my car put me off a little bit, the staff that work here were very professional and though there is a fee to be able to park your car at the hotel, you can sleep safe knowing that your vehicle is parked in a secure parking lot that  is monitored by surveillance cameras. Another great bonus that this hotel offers is a rebate program called the Chateau Bellevue Treasure Chest. The hotel offers all it’s guests these treasure chest cards which allow for rebates at most major restaurants, boutiques, and museums found in Quebec City. This was quite useful for us as we visited the Museum of Civilization and we were able to benefit from a 15% discount since we were staying at the Chateau Bellevue.



The Chateau Bellevue is home to 48 rooms and 1 suite. All rooms are equipped with free wireless internet and air-conditioning for the hot summer months. The rooms also include flat screen TVs while the more upgraded rooms include whirlpool tubs and exposed brick walls. The time that I chose to visit Quebec City was a very popular time due to Easter break therefore the choice of rooms were not widely available. Though it only cost about 200$ to stay here for two nights, we were quite disappointed by our room upon entering. The room that we had this time around was quite small with a small bathroom.

The room had quite the Old Quebec feel to it which was nice and different but we were quite disappointed to find that the room did not have a microwave nor a mini fridge which was disappointing as we had bought food ahead of time that needed to be refrigerated. Minus the two small flaws, the rooms at the Chateau Bellevue are very comfortable and inviting which creates for a relaxing few days. The room was also very clean and warm.


Overall Review

Overall the Chateau Bellevue is a great place to stay when visiting Quebec City. Though it may have it’s flaws, the location of this hotel makes up for everything. There are not many other hotels that are able to say that they are foot steps away from Quebec Parliament, the Citadelle of Quebec, and the Chateau Frontenac among other popular attractions of the city. The staff are very kind and welcoming and are always ready to help with whatever problems you may have. We actually had a problem with our internet connection on the first night we were there and within a few minutes everything was resolved and working again. Though the rooms are quite warm and inviting I believe that it would be worth it to pay a little bit extra (the rooms are all relatively cheap even the more deluxe ones) to stay in one of the Prestige Bellevue rooms which boast king size beds, whirlpool tubs, and amazing views on the Parc des Gouverneurs and the St-Lawrence river. All of which will ensure that your stay at the Chateau Bellevue in Quebec City will be relaxing and as enjoyable as possible for your time there.


For more information or to book a room visit the Chateau Bellevue‘s website.









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